If you are feeling overwhelmed and unable to deal with your problems then therapy is a great step in the right direction. Quality of life is important and if you feel that there is something missing then therapy can help to fill in the gaps and increase satisfaction. The decision to participate in therapy and work through problems is not easy, it takes courage. Participating in therapy gives you the tools to deal with current and future stressors. Of course, it is important to find a therapist that fits for you and understands the crossroads where you have found yourself in this moment. Having some help to maneuver these life events is essential. All therapy modalities are evidence based.


Trauma Resolution Coaching

Trauma can influence your life in many ways and often it becomes a barrier. Maybe you’ve tried all kinds of treatment, psychotherapy, self-help courses, medication, you’ve read all the self-help blogs and books and yet find that there are aspects of your life where you are stuck. If you feel like relationships are monotonous and are not living your life to your full potential, it’s time to get some support. The reality is that trauma can cause individuals to feel fragmented. It is important to address limiting beliefs, negative patterns, absence of self-love in order to gain emotional freedom and regaining a sense of “feeling whole.” TRC offers accountability and personalized/tailored programs that help clients in gaining both long term and short term solutions that are transformational.   


Corporate Coaching

In today’s fast-paced word of meetings, deadlines, emails, full calendars and a laundry list of responsibilities, it is easy to have employees and leadership teams that are experiencing burn out, pent up emotion and even certain trauma, limiting their potential. Creativity, moral and overall effectiveness can be influenced by everyday complex stress, looming deadlines and feeling overlooked. Our program helps administrators and leaders learn to deal effectively with employees that are overwhelmed, overworked and in need of support. It is important to address where problems stem from in order to shift paradigms and resolve unconscious conflict. Helping employees at all levels reach their full potential and tap into the talent they were hire to express.