Michelle Hernandez, LMHC is also available for speaking engagements that are insightful and motivational.


Is Trauma Limiting Your Potential

Acknowledging the Pain and Moving Past It 

In this presentation Michelle weaves her personal story of how a traumatic experience can get in the way of reaching full potential. Emphasis is placed on acknowledging the power that we hold to unleash that potential despite obstacles we have encountered. 

Understanding the Power of What

How Moving Past the Pain of Why Can Create a Limitless Life 

In this presentation Michelle discusses the challenges of accepting negative experiences that have caused pain. The importance of shifting the emotions and perception around that experience and removing barriers associated with “why me.”  She shares her experiences as a psychotherapist in helping hundreds of individuals move past hurdles created by traumatic and negative experiences.  

Insight Journey for Life

shaping Our Future By Helping Teens Navigate Their World

This presentation is based on Michelle’s extensive years of working with teens and delivery of the 8 week program, insight for life. In this ever changing world, it is imperative that we prepare the next generation with the tools needed to succeed.  Emphasis is placed on the importance of teaching teenagers emotional intelligence and cultivating creativity.